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PDX Brewers Club By-Laws





SECTION 1 - NAME The name of this organization is the PDX Brewers Club., hereinafter referred to as PBC.


SECTION 2 - PURPOSE The PBC is a non-profit home brewing club that encourages brewing, tasting, sharing, and educating the art and science of homebrewed beer in a safe and respectful manner.




SECTION 1 - QUALIFICATIONS Membership into the PBC is open to any adult 21 years old or older who have an active interest in brewing beer and who are actively brewing homebrew. Members are expected to attend at least one meeting and/or event per year. The PBC board has the authority to except or reject any potential applicant.


SECTION 2 - TERM PBC's Membership term is one calendar year from the day dues has been accepted.

SECTION 3 - REVOCATION Membership to PBC may be revoked by a majority Board vote for the following reasons:

1. Failure to pay dues.

2. Failure to abide by club by-laws.

3. Conduct that is detrimental to the image or objectives of PBC.


SECTION 4 - VOTING Each regular member in good standing of PBC shall have the right to vote on all matters that come before the membership. A member in good standing is one who is (1) current in dues and (2) not under suspension.


SECTION 5 - REINSTATEMENT Any member whose membership has been revoked due to the failure of paying their dues can be reinstated by paying, in full, any annual dues owed. Any member whose membership was revoked for other reasons may be reinstated by a majority Board vote.


SECTION 6 - PARTICIPATION Members are expected to take an active roll in club meetings and events. Members are expected to help with the set up, maintenance, and/or clean up of a club meeting or event.


SECTION 7 - GUESTS Members are welcome to bring guests to club meetings. Members may bring guest to club events, but will need to get permission from the PBC Board for doing so. Some events may require the guest to pay a fee for materials used. A guest may only come to one meeting or one event before dues are required. Members will be held responsible for the actions of their guests.



SECTION 1 - ANNUAL DUES The annual membership fees have been established by PBC Board to be in the amount of $25 per person and $10 per year for the addition of a spouse or significant other.

The amount for annual dues paid will be determined at the PBC's November monthly meeting and can be changed with a majority Board vote.




SECTION 1 - POSITIONS There are 5 elected seats on the PBC Board.


PBC Board - The Board shall oversee all operations of the club and appoint advisors as needed. In addition to the Board, other positions may be appointed in addition to-

TREASURER - The Treasurer shall collect dues and revenues and distribute funds for routine and special club business. The Treasurer shall prepare a financial summary for the monthly meetings.

SECRETARY - The Secretary shall record and maintain a file of all necessary club correspondence. The Secretary will also record and hold a current membership list and a copy of the current club by-laws. It is the responsibility of the secretary to assure that all members or guests attending meetings (or events) have filled out a liability waver.




SECTION 1 - ELECTIONS Elections will take place once a year at the PBC November meeting. Nominations for seats will be accepted up until the time the elections starts. Contested positions will be voted by ballot. The winner of a contested election is the person who gets the majority vote of the members present at the election. Uncontested positions may be confirmed by voice vote of those members present at the election. To be eligible to vote a member must be in good standing which means he or she cannot be delinquent on their dues and cannot be on any kind of club probation.


SECTION 2 - TERM Term of office shall be for one year starting January 1st and ending December 31st of the same year. Newly elected Board Members will become trainees immediately following the elections and will remain trainees until their term starts on January 1st. Trainees will attend all Board related functions in order to learn the responsibilities of the position they are going to fill.


SECTION 3 - VACANCIES When a vacancy exist, a new Board member will be appointed within 30 days by the remaining Board members. A majority vote by members attending the following monthly meeting will confirm this position.


SECTION 4 - REMOVAL OF AN BOARD MEMBER If an Board member has not performed or is unable to perform their duties, the rest of the Board can request a vote by the PBC club members to remove the Board member. At the next meeting, a 2/3 majority vote by the present members can remove the Board Member in question from Board.




SECTION 1 - REGULAR MEETINGS Regular meetings will be held monthly as determined by the PBC Board. Members may be asked to bring beer and/or food to the monthly meetings as determined by the specific meeting agenda.


SECTION 2 - SPECIAL MEETINGS Special meetings may be called by the Board at any time with advance notice to the members.


SECTION 3 - BOARD MEETINGS The Board will meet when necessary. Meeting times will be determined by the PBC Board.


SECTION 4 - CLUB EVENTS Club events will be held throughout the year as determined by the PBC Board. Members who would like to create or host a club event should confer with PBC Board for approval.




SECTION 1 - CONSUMPTION Excessive drinking is not tolerated at PBC. All PBC members shall obey Oregon laws regarding consumption of alcohol and driving a motor vehicle. Members are responsible for portraying a positive public image for the club and shall not act in bad taste while in public.


SECTION 3 - LIABILITY Individual members of PBC shall not be personally liable for the debts or obligations of the PBC.


SECTION 3 - VALUES Honesty and respect are values that are required of PBC members. No member shall steal, be violent, or engage in behavior that is disrespectful to others or themselves.




SECTION 1 - CHANGES PBC By-Laws can be modified at any time with a majority vote by the PBC Board.


SECTION 2 - EFFECTIVE DATE These By-Laws become effective as of January 1, 2006.




Revised 10-10-07 by Brewers Board



Last Updated on Tuesday, 20 November 2007 19:55  


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