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Holiday Party

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Now that the family holidays are moving behind us, it's time for our holiday blow out party!

We've been working hard to put something together that's bigger and better than ever before. Did we succeed? The only way to find out is to be there!

We'll have fun and games, brewery tours, raffle, beer exchange, free food, and the first beer is on us!

We're bringing back the beer exchange ring toss. You bring a bottle of beer worth $10 or more and we'll give you a ticket. After the party is in full swing we'll set up the bottles and everyone with a ticket will get a turn tossing keg rings at em until they win. You'll keep the bottle your ring lands on.

This year's raffle is huge! We have dozens of items worth having including a new brew stand! We'll also be playing name that grain for prizes.

There is so much going on it's hard to put it all in print.

Now for the important details:

This party is for PDX Brewers Club members + 1. This means you have to be current on club dues. Not sure if you're paid up? That's easy. None of us are at this moment. Everyone's dues are due in January, so you can either pay on our website http://www.pdxbrewers.com/ via PayPal, or bring $25 cash or check to the party ($35 for the family plan). We'll have a table set up with someone checking you in. If your dues are paid you'll get a ticket for a free beer.  

Not a bad deal eh? $25 get's you dinner for two at the party, a beer, and a year's membership to the best damn club in town! Oh yeah! Every member gets to pull a bottle cap out of a hat for a free prize worth at least $5

If you're planning to bring more than one guest, it'll cost $10 each to cover the cost of food.

When are we doing this? Saturday, January 11th

What time? 6pm til whenever. Parking get's dicey after 7pm

Where? Old Market Pub and Brewery - 6959 SW Multnomah Blvd, Portland, OR 97223


December 2013 Out-Meeting

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We're having an out-meeting!

When: Monday Dec 16th, 7pm

Where: Breakside Restaurant & Pub Brewery 820 Northeast Dekum Street 
Portland, OR 97211
Come join us for the last meeting of 2013!
We won't be doing home brew, but it should be a good time cuz this one's a social gathering.
Last Updated on Thursday, 12 December 2013 15:20

October 2013 Meeting

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What: PDX Brewers October meeting

When: 7pm October 21st

Where: Max's Fanno Creek Brewery and Pub - 12562 SW Main St, Tigard, OR 97223

PDX Brewers is OPEN FOR BUSINESS with never a shut-down, operates from a balanced budget and continues to take our mission seriously.  And our theme for this month’s meeting is … nuts!

First on the agenda, Iron Brewer Competition. Teams that brewed in this year’s Iron Brewer event on September 14th will bring their beers showcasing the no-longer “mystery” ingredient of nuts.  An official judging will be done by three well-qualified beer geeks, and prizes will be awarded to the winning team’s brewers based on declared style and how well their chosen nuts are showcased.  A People’s Choice of nut beers will also be held and prizes awarded; all meeting attendees are eligible to vote.

Bring your SMaSH beers if you missed the last meeting, or perhaps if your beer now tastes amazingly different (and good).  At September's meeting we tasted way too many SMaSH beers from the club’s hop evaluation brew experiment (close to 30 different hops were brewed with).  If you missed tasting these or can’t remember which hops tasted better than others, we’ll taste more with different hops.  For those bringing beer, make sure to label it so we know what hops you used.


Club Nominations for next year’s Board will be taken at our meeting this month.  Nominate a friend, or better yet, nominate a stranger.  This is your chance to help steer the club in the direction you want it to go, and being on the Board is a fun way to give back and help keep things chugging smoothly along.  Please don't be shy--we're going to need some fresh blood next year!

People Choice: due to the Iron Brewer and residual SMASH tastings, we will not have the People's Choice award at this meeting.  If you did not participate in either of these experiments, you are still encouraged to bring a beer for tasting and honest feedback.

Other Club Business: bring your ideas, your enthusiasm and your home brew.  Let’s celebrate being in business—the business of promoting the art and knowledge of home brewing.


November 2013 Meeting

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Our November meeting is coming up Monday, the 18th. at Max's Fanno Creek, and its time to elect your 2014 Board.
The nominees are:
Paul Worden
Shane Hazzard
Royal Willard 
Brian Kostenbauer
Matt Lauzon
Tony Hertel
Jeremy Speer
Besides the election we're going to be learning about the use of Brettanomyces (Brett) and how it effects beer.
We're also bringing back the "Peoples Choice"! Bring your beer for a chance to win a $10 gift certificate from Brew Brothers.

PDX Brewers September meeting

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What: PDX Brewers September meeting

When: 7pm September 16th

Where: Max's Fanno Creek Brewery and Pub - 12562 SW Main St, Tigard, OR 97223

Wow! Summer has flown by! September is already here and we have a meeting coming up that's packed full of.. HOME BREW!

This month's meeting will be dedicated to tasting our SMaSH brews. We have close to 30 beers to sample! And due to the large number of beers, we'll probably extend the tastings into October so people will get a chance to try them all.

If you're bringing your beer and you have the capability to bottle, it would be a good idea to do 4 or 5 so we can store it for the next meeting just in case. Make sure to label it so we know what hops you used. 

People Choice:
due to the SMASH tasting we will not have the People's Choice award at this meeting.  If you did not participate in the experiment, you are still encouraged to bring a beer for tasting and feedback.

Iron Brewer reminder: don't forget the club event this Saturday Sep 14th.  Show up about 8am for set up at Brew Brothers.  If you haven't signed up, it's not too late.  Send an email to the Board ASAP!


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